John R. Justice

The John R. Justice State Loan Repayment program provides financial assistance to licensed attorneys who commit to working three years in state or local prosecutor offices or in public defender offices operated by federal, state, local, or tribal government entities. Attorneys who make the three-year commitment and meet program requirements will be eligible to have a portion of their outstanding student loan debt forgiven.

The national program, established by Congress in 2008, encourages attorneys to enter or remain in public service positions as prosecutors or public defenders. Fund allocations are determined by each state's population.

Annual award amounts are contingent upon available funding. If funds are insufficient to pay all eligible applicants, awards will be based on “least ability to pay.” Preference will be given to renewal applicants who continue to meet eligibility requirements. Additionally, applicants who are not already receiving benefits under another repayment program will receive priority consideration.

The John R. Justice State Loan Repayment Program may open an application cycle in the future on an as-needed basis to fill vacancies in the current participant levels in order to maintain a balance in the ratio of public defenders/prosecutors.  Please check back to this website for updates on any application cycles that may open.