Closed School

Information for ITT students as of October 18, 2016

Effective 9/6/16, ITT Technical Institute permanently discontinued academic operations at all of its campuses, including those in Everett, Seattle, and Spokane. 

Continue your education in Washington State

Students are encouraged to explore options for continuing their education at another college or university in Washington. This information is intended to help you plan your next steps.

Many schools have appointed staff who will help students with admissions and financial questions. Because this is a quickly developing issue, we recommend that you check back regularly for updates.  

Financial aid

FAFSA and WASFA information

Have you filled out a 2016-17 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? If not, fill it out ASAP. If you have filled it out, you'll need to update the school information when you decide where you want to continue your education. If you aren't eligible to fill out the FAFSA due to immigration status, you may be eligible to fill out the WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid). Find more information about financial aid on Ready Set Grad

For help filling out the FAFSA or WASFA, attend a College Goal Washington event near you. We'll have a list of events soon.

GI Bill benefits

If you are using GI Bill funds, you'll need to let the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) know if you switch schools. Log into your eBenefits account on the VA website or call 888-442-4551. 

Scholarships for ITT students 

Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation 
North Seattle College 
South Seattle College
Western Governors University (WGU)


Public community and technical colleges

Regional educational opportunities

Washington’s public community and technical colleges offer a wide variety of degrees, including associate and bachelor’s degrees. With 34 colleges across the state, there’s likely a college near you and there may be a program in the field you were studying. 

Many colleges have assigned a point person to help ITT students with admissions and financial aid questions. Contact them today. You can also search for colleges by degree, region, or name. 


Other colleges and universities

These schools offer bachelor degree programs.

Public colleges and universities

Private colleges and universities

Find a complete listing of colleges and universities in Washington State


Events for ITT students

Learn more about your transfer options.

Bates Technical College
Open house for ITT students in Tacoma, WA

Everett Community College
Info session for ITT students, Everett, WA

Green River College
Advising workshop for ITT students, Auburn, WA

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Advising session for ITT students who want to transfer, Kirkland, WA

Seattle Colleges 
Open house for ITT students in Seattle, WA

You're invited to attend upcoming events hosted by the Washington Council for High School-College Relations. Representatives from schools that offer bachelor's degrees will be available to answer questions. 


ITT transcripts and records


Some schools may require your ITT transcripts. You can request your ITT transcripts from Parchment. If you attended ITT in 2001 or prior, you may request your transcript here.  Many two-year schools will not require a transcript for admission. 

Records and documentation

You can get your academic history and grades while you're waiting for your transcripts. Former ITT Tech students should print out their academic history as soon as poosible and save all documents related to their attendance at ITT.



Information about apprenticeships

Apprenti is a state-accredited program that offers free training followed by a one-year of paid, on-the-job training in the tech industry. To help the tech industry diversify their workforce, Apprenti actively recruits women, minorities, and veterans. They hire apprentices every three months. For the next cycle, applications are due September 15.


Contact admissions offices at schools to find out if you'll be able to get credit for your work at ITT or from other experiences. You may also consider contacting the list of schools authorized to operate in Washington about the possibility of transferrable credits from ITT. Though many schools may not accept ITT transfer credits, each school has its own transfer and admissions policies.


Get information about federal aid and ITT

The U.S. Department of Education is providing information and resources to ITT students who have federal loans. 


Get information about filing a fraud complaint

Examples of fraud include, but are not limited to, evidence that ITT lied about: 

  • Job prospects. 
  • Cost of attendance. 
  • Whether credits could be transferred. 
  • Its educational services, like teacher qualifications and method of instruction. 

Fraud can also include loss of tuition and fees due to an unfair or deceptive business practice. 

If you think you were defrauded, you have two complaint options depending on when you attended ITT. Be aware that it may take a year or more for a decision to be made about your complaint. Be sure to keep all documents and emails from the school. 

Last attended September 2015 or after

Submit a complaint to the Washington Student Achievement Council.

Last attended before September 2015

File a complaint with the Washington State Office of the Attorney General (AGO). Filing a complaint will help the AGO identify common student issues and advocate for students to the Department of Education and in court. Be sure to keep all documents and emails from the school.


Get help finding a job

WorkSource Washington can help you find employment or training. They have over 60 locations across the state, including Spokane, Everett, and Seattle.