Suspended Programs

The following programs have been suspended for new recipients, however previously selected recipients are being served.

Washington Scholars

(Awards vary by Institution)

For Washington Scholars selected in spring 2010, or earlier,
who have remaining scholarship eligibility.
 University of Washington
 Washington State University
 4-Yearr Private, Semester-based Institutions
 4-Yearr Private, Quarter-based Institutions
 Central Washington University
 Eastern Washington University
 The Evergreen State College
 Western Washington University
 Public Community Colleges
 (15 credit max., may vary by school)
 Public Technical Colleges
 (15 credit max., may vary by school)

More information about Washington Scholars is available on our partner site: Ready, Set, Grad.

Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE)

The WAVE program is jointly administered by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board (WTECB). The WTECB is the primary administrator responsible for program policy and recipient selection. WSAC serves as fiscal agent for payment of the monetary scholarship.

The annual identification and recognition of new WAVE scholarship recipients has been suspended until further notice.

WAVE recipients named to the award in spring 2010 or earlier, and who have not yet fully utilized the monetary benefit conferred to them, remain eligible to receive the balance of their monetary scholarship benefit, subject to funding availability.

For eligible recipients, the scholarship may be used for undergraduate level coursework at the public two-year and four-year colleges and universities as well as accredited private colleges, universities, and licensed private vocational schools in Washington.

2013-14 Maximum Awards - Vary by Type of Institutions
(For WAVE recipients selected in srping 2010 or earlier who have remaining eligibility)
University of Washington$11,289
Washington State University$11,386
4-Year private, Quarter-based$11,386
4-Year priate, Semester-based$11,386
Central Washington University$7,941
Eastern Washington University$7,372
The Evergreen State College$7,811
Western Washington University$8.022
Public Community Colleges
(15 credit max. May vary by school.)
Up to $4,000
Public Technical Colleges
(15 credit max. May vary by school.)
Up to $4,000
Private Vocational SchoolsUp to $11,386

Statutes and Rules (RCW 28C04; RCW 28B.76.670; WAC 250-85).  For any additional information about Washington Scholars or WAVE, contact Ann Voyles at 360.753.7843

Future Teachers

For questions about your existing Future Teachers awards, contact Mary Knutson at (360.753.7845).

Get Ready for Math and Science

For questions about your existing GET Ready award, contact Mary Knutson at (360.753.7845).

Health Professionals Conditional Scholarship

The purpose of the Health Professional Scholarship program is to attract and retain students pursuing careers in the health care field to serve in critical shortage areas in Washington State. The Scholarship Program provided financial assistance to students training to become primary care health professionals.  In return for financial assistance, students agreed to provide primary health care services in rural or underserved urban areas that are designated as health professional shortage areas. The program has been suspended for new applicants since 2010.  Previous recipients are completing their service obligation.